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About Early May Enterprises Pty Ltd

Early May Enterprises Pty Ltd was formed in June 2007; by Denise May, CEO; Karen Early and David Early.
Creating original and exclusive - Machine Embroidery Designs for the Home Sewer. Originally starting out with 2 CD Collections and a Book. We now have 17 Collections released and more on the way. All Collections are available through our Dealers, all the designs are shown in detail in our Shop on this website.

For over 50 years, Denise has had a passion for sewing and creating new things, and the crazy idea to help others; began this interesting journey for EME.

Extracted from the story in the Magazine - "Galleria of Machine Artistry and Quilting" published in 2009.

Denise May has been using needles all her life. From the age of five she was learning to knit using five-inch nails and darning wool, and then she progressed on to skewers from the local butcher!

Always obsessed when it came to being creative, Denise experimented with all forms of stitching: dressmaking, crochet, knitting, cross stitch, and sewing, all on her Bernina machines and Baby Lock serger/overlocker. She always had some form of needlework in her hands. Upon retiring in the early 1990's, Denise discovered patchwork and her quilts then multiplied like wire coat hangers in a wardrobe! Cathedral Windows and Wedding Ring quilts are two of her favourite patchwork design styles.

When the Bernina 180 Embroidery Machine came into Denise's life; it opened up a whole new world - that of machine embroidery. This in turn created a new learning curve for Denise as she enrolled in classes at Bernina Chermside. In one of these classes she made the Latte quilt, designed by Kerri Hay, and chose shades of soft pink to make it with. Attending these classes inspired Denise and her quest for knowledge became insatiable.

It was her passion for machine artistry that prompted Denise to enter the Ronald McDonald Challenge through the Creative Expressions magazine. The opportunity to produce a block for his worthwhile charity touched Denise's heart, so instead of making one block she made twenty (which were later made into two quilts, and then auctioned, with all proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House). Denise did all this work on her Bernina 180 using the Jenny Haskins' Rose design, specifically designed for the challenge.

Denise won the challenge and was awarded a Bernina 440 embroidery machine and design software. This machine has never stopped stitching - not a day goes by when it is allowed to sit idle.

Since then Denise has entered a number of charity competitions, geared to raise money for a worthy cause (which also gives her another excuse to purchase more fabric, batting, threads and designs!).

Then in 2007, Early May Enterprises Pty Ltd was founded by Denise, her daughter Karen and her husband David.

It is a family-owned company, located in Brisbane, Australia, specializing in creating beautiful embroidery designs for children of all ages (including adults...). EME's aim is to produce high-quality machine embroidery designs using original artworks, especially for the home sewer, worldwide.

It is with delight that Denise makes all the quilts to showcase her stunning designs, which she displays at all craft shows throughout Australia. Denise is now also giving classes at these shows, teaching her easy quilt-as-you-go techniques and machine embroidery.

Denise was honoured to be asked to participate in the Bernina Australasian Creative Challenge to launch the Bernina 8-series machines and accepted with enthusiasm.

This publication is still available - it features 29 very talented girls (Friends of Bernina). It showcases the Winning Quilt from Kim Bradley and features the full instructions to make Lizzy Allens' Quilt - Black and White Dreams.

Since 2008 - EME has been travelling around Australia, promoting our Designs at Craft Shows and giving presentations in Dealers Stores.

In February, 2010 - EME launched our designs in the USA - our first introduction to the USA was fabulous. Attending the VDTA/STDA Trade Convention is Las Vegas. Our introduction to create a Dealer network across the USA was of paramount importance; to provide stores with our designs, give Trunk Show presentations, and most importantly ... making it easier for consumers to get out product locally in the USA.

July 2010 - Seattle, Washington - we were invited by Paul LaPonte to present and showcase our designs in all of his 15 Stores throughout Washington State. Absolutely fabulous. We had an awesome time and amazingly, the girls in the USA are just the same as the girls in Australia, they absolutely LOVE to sew !!!

October 2010 - Los Angeles, Colorado, Houston,TX - more in-store presentations with our Dealers, and EME attended Quilts Inc, International Quilt Market & Festival in Houston. Oh my goodness - if you ever want to go to a Craft Show - then put Houston on your bucket list. 30 aisles, 600 vendors 100's of Classes, Quilt tours and about 1 KM (5 miles) of Quilts to walk around - In all about 3 Km of Stuff to look at .... (sorry not sure if the conversion is correct) however, I do know that it is HUGE!!!! BIG !!! MASSIVE !!! go take a look for yourself if you don't believe me..

February 2011 - back to VDTA/SDTA for our 2nd fabulous trip, then across the USA attending the Original Sewing & Quilt - Craft Shows in Atlanta, GA; Lakeland, FL; Cleveland, OH; Chicago, IL and Worcester, MA. David and Karen drove with our beautiful friend for 6 long weeks across the USA, even with a very brief 10 minute stop in Canada (watch your turns if you ever get to Niagara Falls - don't turn left into Duty Free, unless you have your passport, as you have to go over or blow out your tyres. Guess it's their way to make money!!!)

October 2011 - EME appointed the New Exclusive Distributor for RNK / Floriani Products in Australia & New Zealand. We will be working with and supporting the Floriani Dealer Network across Australia & New Zealand 100%. EME/Floriani Educators will be working closely with our Dealers by presenting In-Store Seminars, Workshops & Events - for further details check our Events Page or join our Itch to Stitch Club - so you can receive our monthly newsletters.

February 2012 - EME appointed the New Exclusive Distributor for RNK / Jenny Haskin (Stabilizer, Threads & Quilting Software) Products in Australia & New Zealand. EME carry the Jenny Haskins Stabilizers, Rayon Threads, JH Metallic Threads and Quilting Software - Perfect Quilt, Perfect Quilt Express, Mariners Compass, Easy Strip Piecing, 1200 Classic Foundations.

March 2012 - Denise's Diamonds & Pearls Cathedral Window Quilt - makes it on the Front Cover of Downunder Creative Expressions Magazine.

April 2012 - EME appointed the New Exclusive Distributor for Anita Goodesign USA, in Australia & New Zealand.

Wanted EME/Anita Dealers - to carry the Anita Goodesign Range of Products and Embroidery Clubs - If you are interested in having these designs available for YOUR Customer in YOUR Store - Please call Karen Early on 07-3353-4709 or email: knearly@netspace.net.au with your Name & Contact Number.

Diamond Club, Quilting Club, Platinum Club & VIP Clubs - 6 New Collections Every MONTH! Free Gifts, Special Promotions - NEW Premium Editions & NEW Special Editions - So many Designs - Check our Website under the Anita Goodesign Heading - Watch Videos, find all the designs, read about the Clubs .... It's AWESOME! Want to find out what's coming from Anita Goodesign each and every month before Everyone Else !!! Email: kaz@emee.com.au - SUBJECT - FIRST TO ANITA .... and we will add you to our ever growing database to find out FIRST!!!

May 2012 - EME Launch Anita Goodesign to Tasmania, Adelaide & Perth - and its like a world wind ... SO MUCH EXCITEMENT !!!! NOW all girls can get the Anita Goodesigns locally from their Dealer - Any Dealers interested in being an Anita Goodesign Dealer should contact us ASAP knearly@netspace.net.au so YOUR customers can have these amazing designs as well - directly from YOUR Store....
June 2012 - EME/Floriani & RNK USA - send Alette Sweatt from Memphis Tennessee; one of the most exciting and talented teacher/educator to help train our growing educational team - features and benefits of all the products so that our consumers get perfect results with their machine embroidery, EVERYTIME!
You can find a complete listing of EME/Anita Goodesign Dealers on our website www.emee.com.au Dealers Pages - We have Dealers all over Australia & New Zealand. Can't find a Dealer near you? - No problem you can contact us on 07-3353-4709 or by email - We will contact your local Dealer for you! but in the meantime, we can help with anything that you need.

February 2013 - EME go to VDTA/SDTA Las Vegas, Dealer Training with Floriani & Anita Goodesign - for 6 Days! Floriani USA & Anita Goodesign USA are now working with each other - Designs & Stabilizers - and more NEW, and EXCITING Products to be launched..

March 2013 - and onwards ..... Early May (EME) / Anita & Floriani - We will be doing only a small number of Craft Shows during 2013 - Stitches & Craft - Rose Hill & Brisbane (March 2013), Craft & Quilt Shows (Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) at this point in time. We are excited that the number of In Store Events in our Dealers Stores are increasing. We love talking to customers and showing them the correct way to use the Stabilizers, which had not been explained in the past!

Education is a major factor for attending the craft shows - We have a Floriani Studio at the Craft & Quilt Shows, where we can show and demonstrate and explain the Floriani Products & Anita Goodesign Program. After the massive attendance at the Brisbane Show last October, is the main reason for cutting back just to do these Shows - The CUSTOMERS are the main focus and we need to give them the EDUCATION for these fabulous Products. If you can visit us at one of these shows, Terrific!


Dealers are listed by State - Check the Dealer page - Full contact details for each Dealer are listed and being updated as new Stores come on board.

If you need help - go to our Ask Mum Section - Simply ask your question here - When you need help with your sewing, embroidery, software Mum will more than likely have the solution to get you back stitchin in a jiffy!

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