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Ask Mum

Here is your opportunity girls - to Ask Mum!.... 

Denise has been sewing for many years and just loves to create. Many of you will have seen all the quilts and samples at shows and at In-Store Events, and we always tell you that Mum's are great, and they usually know ALL the answers....

We have created this page, especially for you... How can we help you when we are not with you in your sewing room... Well it's a little hard to do, so what this page has for your is some very helpful and useful information.

We have just up loaded to this page - The Kayly Brooks - Stabilizer Video's - they have been broken down into sections Tearaways, Cutaways, Water Solubles and Specialty Products - Kay Brooks created the Floriani Range of Stabilizers and these videos, explain fully how the products work.

You can scroll down further, when we are talking to you - We always recommend that you DOWNLOAD the Floriani Workshop Stabilizer Workbook and Quick Reference Guide - Keep these with you in your Sewing Room.

First - with the Quick Reference Guide - Choose what you are going to make - (Fabric Type), then choose your Embroidery Design (Light or Dense), the final column recommends which products to use... Simple - then using your workbook - Look up the products and it will explain how to use them, so that you can create your masterpiece and successfully use the product to create beautiful embroiderys Everytime!

Sewing is just like Cooking - we need to follow a recipe! Please enjoy the Video's and the Reference Guides provided.

Now, sometimes things do go wrong!.... This is where I will try and help.... there are many factors that come into play when we are sewing ... First, the machine.... Have you changed your needle, I change mine every 8 hours! Have you had your machine serviced, I do a regular clean every week, lint and fibres build up, but every 3 - 4 months, I take it to my local sewing technician for a full clean and check up! It's like a car, it needs servicing so that it works efficiently!

Stabilizers, am I using them the right way! Products change, however, with Floriani I know that every product that I use is a quality product. It has been stringently tested before I even get to use it... and I know after 7-9 years that it's a quality product and gives me perfect results when I use it correctly.

If you need help, I am only an email away - you can email anytime and I will respond as soon as possible, if you include your phone number, I am more than happy to give you a call.

Happy Stitching ....


For any questions you have regarding Floriani Products, EME's Machine Embroidery designs, Jenny Haskins' Products or Anita Goodesign Designs and others....

Questions like - Why won't it sew?... the outline fell off !.... it's bullet proof!... it just doesn't look good!

Why won't it fit in my hoop? and more ....

Just fill in the form on the side - press submit and  ASK Mum your questions....

Mum is here to help and get you back to sewing in a Jiffy ... and remember, the only stupid question.... is the one you did not ask !!!


How to redeem - Floriani POP Credits from every roll of Stabilizer?



Watch & Listen to Kay Brooks, RNK Distributing USA.

Kay has spent many years developing the Floriani Stabilizer Range of products. Tearaways, Cutaways, Washaways and the Floriani Specialty Products.

We have made these Video's available, so you can watch them for each individual type of product. Grab a cuppa, sit back and learn ..... Enjoy!

Intro by Kay Brooks - RNK / Floriani USA

Floriani - Tearaways

Floriani - Cutaways

Floriani - Water Solubles

Floriani - Specialty Products


We hope you have enjoyed these video's - Remember you can come back and watch them over and over, whenever you need too... If you have any questions, simply email MUM and ask your questions. We are more than happy to assist you with your Machine Embroidery as we want you to have PERFECT RESULTS, EVERY TIME!!!! enjoy!


Don't go just yet..... After listening to Kay explain all the Floriani Stabilizers, remember to Download the Floriani Stabilizer Workbook and the Floriani Quick Reference Guide. With these combined tools, youre sure to create successful, beautiful embroideries, EVERY TIME! .... Enjoy....



Download your free copy of the Floriani Stabilizer Workbook today. You should print and keep this as your guide near your machine or in your sewing room and refer to it regularly. Happy Stitching!


The Quick Refence guide we suggest you print it and keep with your workbook as the two go hand in hand.

If you have any problem downloading from our website - please email:  kaz@emee.com.au and request the information to be emailed to you.

To save the download to your computer: - Click the link to download, the page will open as a PDF, go to File, Save As, and save to your computer in a folder that suits you or to your DESKTOP.

EME / FLORIANI - INFORMATION DOWNLOADS - Thread Charts, Work Books and more - you will find your downloads here: